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What people are saying about UNITED:

"Human Rights are a cause of great importance to me. Educating the youth of not only California and this Nation, but the entire world community is something that is vital in the mission for world tolerance, peace and unity. Not only does Mr. Lexton have a great talent in filmmaking but he is a great advocate and educator. His film will reach and impact the lives of many throughout the world."
   — Arnold Schwarzenegger — Governor of California

"A powerful music video... that promotes tolerance and compassion world-wide"
   — Style magazine

"An awesome video."
   — Vicky D. Lindsey "Project Cry No More"

"Not only have you accomplished a great deal as an artist, you have accomplished even more through your humanitarian message depicted in the video, UNITED."
   — Dr. Pouran Ameli
   President American Iranian Friendship

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