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UNITED Lesson Plan:

As Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) has expanded its actions to educate young people using the What are Human Rights? booklet and the UNITED music video, teachers and mentors are demanding a human rights educational handbook that shows HOW to teach this topic and gives tools to do so.

Many teachers have already begun to teach their students using the booklet and UNITED. A community police officer in Boston, Massachusetts, uses UNITED to teach the principles of non-violence to youth at a community center. The Youth Director of the St. Augustine Community Center in Buffalo, New York, has made UNITED part of their Youth Skills Program. In Mallorca, Spain, a university has screened UNITED in several classes. These are but a few examples of how UNITED is an educational tool.

To facilitate the efforts of these dedicated people, YHRI has now produced an educational handbook with UNITED and a special UNITED edition of What are Human Rights? as its main teaching tools.

The handbook comes with an easy-to-use and easy-to-store textbook form with slots for DVDs and CDs. It puts lesson plans and practical exercises into the hands of any educator or public-spirited citizen who wants to give others more understanding of their rights.

The goal of this package is to help bring about the vision of a population where individuals treat each other with respect and dignity; where peaceful solutions are sought between individuals, groups and nations and where a decent life with human rights observed is within the reach of each man, woman and child.

Click here to download ten lesson plans (.pdf 644kb) from the UNITED Human Rights Handbook so you can get started in your own home. The handbook is designed for teachers and instructors but these lesson plans can be done by anyone (.pdf 644kb).

The educational handbook was released on a five-country world tour (learn more).

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