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UNITED as an Educational Tool

UNITED portrays a youth who, even under provocation, manages to achieve Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which declares that all human beings “should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

The video is an invaluable educational tool and is used by police, youth leaders and community organizations to bring calm to troubled areas. In Sydney, a teacher has been showing UNITED as part of Youth for Human Rights International’s lesson plan for her class. All the students have learned the words of the song and perform it for visitors. The class is composed of a majority of Koori (indigenous Australians from south eastern Australia) schoolchildren, and since the human rights teaching program began, tensions have eased considerably between them and the white children. The kids get along much better and there is less bullying.

In Boston, a community police officer uses UNITED in her presentations promoting non-violence, as does a youth director at a community center in Buffalo in their youth skills program.

UNITED calmed a group of young break dancers in New York who had been getting into an altercation with the police who had forbidden them to perform in the streets without a permit. After seeing UNITED, they realized there are other ways to handle these situations than “lipping off” (as they put it) to police officers, which had not been helping their case. They ended up giving an impromptu display of their skills at a local church.

In San Diego, a screening of UNITED at an Interfaith Youth Forum attended by Muslims, Christians, Bahais and Scientologists led to the youth discussing how an understanding of other people’s religions contributes to more peace in the world.

These are a few examples. The number of ways UNITED can be used to teach human rights and create better relations between different communities are almost unlimited.

You too can educate others on their human rights and create change in your community through UNITED.

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